Agnieszka Kawiorska



Agnieszka Kawiorska is a Polish actress, born on January 29, 1982. She grew up in Sandomierz, Poland. In 2006 she completed four-year studies at National Academy of Theatre Arts, Faculty of Acting in Cracow, Poland. She started her career soon – she debuted in 2004, when still a student, on stage of the most famous theatre in Cracow – Teatr Stary (the Old Theatre). Also, she received her first television offers when still in school. Her first big feature film role was in “Katyn”, a Polish film directed by the Oscar winner director Andrzej Wajda. She played Ewa, the daughter of a Polish general murdered in Katyn.. In order to constantly improve her acting skills she continued education at Actors Temple in London, she also took part in numerous international workshops held by American actor coaches in Rome, Paris, London and Hamburg. She has been working as an actress for the last 10 years, having played in several television productions and feature films. She became popular thanks to television series Colors of Happiness , First Love, For Good and For Bad, and many other. Lately she could be seen on stage at Variete Theatre in Cracow, in the play “Scared to death”. Privately she loves traveling, sport and active life. She is a thrill seeker and loves challenges, kitesurfing being her great passion.


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